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Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Learn About Geopathic Stress in 30 Minutes

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Published: 1 June 2024



Short Description:

This book provides an introduction to Geopathic Stress (GS).

We start with a rigorous definition of GS (because the term is used so loosely online), present the effects it can have on your health, provide evidence of its existence and its harmful influence, and briefly speak about the remedies and measures available to avoid or counteract GS.

We also provide lots of additional resources on GS and several associated phenomena and concepts.

Table of Contents:


‘Geopathic’ comes from the Greek words ‘Geo’, meaning ‘of Earth’, and ‘pathos’, meaning disease or suffering. ‘Geopathic’ therefore connotes disease of the earth.

The term ‘Geopathy’ was coined by Russian-French engineer and inventor George Lakhovsky. in the 1930s, he proposed that Geopathic Stress results in the human body vibrating at much higher frequencies than normal, adversely affecting the immune system. People sleeping or working in zones affected by Geopathic Stress become more susceptible to pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) and environmental pollution.

In simple terms, Geopathic Stress (GS) is the detrimental effects on living things (humans, animals, and plants) that result when the natural frequency of the earth is distorted by underground features. The resulting ‘negative Earth energies’ or ‘noxious Earth energies’, as they are often termed, can result in discomfort and disease, and even ultimately death.


GS has been found to be a significant cause of both minor conditions (allergies, irritability, low energy, grinding of teeth, poor work performance, etc) and major chronic diseases and psychological conditions (cancer, infertility & miscarriages, multiple sclerosis, sleep deprivation, etc), especially those caused by the immune system being severely compromised.

GS happens when you spend long periods sleeping or working above any place or in a building where the Earth’s natural radiation is distorted. We term such an area on the surface of the planet as a Geopathic-Stress Zone (GSZ) and contrast it with a Neutral Zone (NZ), an area that is not affected by geopathic stress.

About The Author:

Michael Tan, Dr

Trained as an electrical engineer, Dr Michael Tan (PD, Professional Doctorate) is the Founder of Life Research Wellness, located in Novena Medical Centre.

Michael has been working in the field of energy medicine and energy psychology since 2003. Fired originally by an interest in meridian diagnostics, he has since devoted considerable time and resources to designing and developing technologically advanced wellness programmes with MEDEC International, Germany, VitaLife Germany and finally his own range of biophoton therapy, sound therapy and PEMF therapy products.

Michael believes in an integrated approach to complementary medicine. Working alongside scientists from China, India and Europe, Michael has done intensive research into human energy management. His general approach is to first look at human energy management, knowing that this will enhance both longevity and quality of health. He has spent many hours working with and supporting people suffering from cancer, in particular.

The experience gleaned from treating hundreds of cases of GS has led him to observe the extraordinary correlation between health and relationship issues and sleep location, specifically the number and strength of GS lines—known as Hartmann or Curry Lines—crossing over where the person has been sleeping.

This experience, complemented by years of research, has led him to develop his own line of Geo Harmonisers that neutralise the effects of Hartmann and Curry Lines more effectively than anything else he has seen.
Since setting up Life Research Wellness, Michael has developed a unique technology with support from Chinese, German, Indian and Russian scientists and health practitioners.

This innovation combines the concepts of TCM pulse-taking and Real-Time Imaging to detect changes in the energy field of the whole body. It is a method of communicating with the body to detect the particular energy distribution signatures that have been shown to lead to illness many years later—in effect, an unparalleled early-stage warning of disease.

His new health optimisation centres in Singapore, China, India and Vietnam will be equipped with the most comprehensive, non-invasive, health-imaging systems available in the world today.

Michael has conducted numerous training and talks in many countries including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia and Vietnam.

Michael’s Certifications, Awards, and Appointments include:
• Professional Doctorate, European International University
• Naturopathic Physician, Youngson Institute of Natural Science
• Only Certified WSIM (World Society of Integrated Medicine, USA) Asia Trainer for Derma Rejuvenation Therapy
• Anti-Ageing Fitness Specialist, IPFA, USA
• Electro Meridian Imaging, University of Landau and YINS College
• Adviser to Human Energy Research Centre (Haridwar, India)
• Adviser to German Medical Centre (Dubai, UAE)
• Honorary Life Time award by Thailand National Health Charter


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