Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks


Learn About Wellness with Traditional Chinese Medicine in 30 Minutes

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Published: 31 May 2024



Short Description:

The objectives of this eBook are to use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide suggestions and methods for self-care for common conditions; provide general wellness tips, including preventing pain and maintaining balance, with self-care methods that suit your body and lifestyle; and observe and understand one’s own health with knowledge of the ‘5 Elements’ and ‘9 Body Constitutions’.

The eBook provides general observations for simple self-care, not medical advice for self-diagnosis for any condition you have or think you have (for a deeper understanding of which you should be consulting a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner).

Table of Contents:


One of the ways to stay BALANCED is a lifestyle aligned with our Meridian Clock.

Recall we have 12 major meridians. During different periods of the 24 hours of each day, a different major meridian is dominant, in the sense that it carries a larger quantity of the vital energy we term ‘Qi’. The Meridian Clock shows us which meridians, with their associated organs and emotions, are most energetically active at which periods of the day:
1. 5am to 7am: Large intestines
2. 7am to 9am: Stomach
3. 9am to 11am: Spleen
4. 11am to 1pm: Heart
5. 1pm to 3pm: Small intestines
6. 3pm to 5pm: Bladder
7. 5pm to 7pm: Kidney
8. 7pm to 9pm: Pericardium
9. 9pm to 11pm: ‘Triple warmer’ (controls metabolism and involved in digestion and waste processing)
10. 11pm to 1am: Gall bladder
11. 1am to 3am: Liver
12. 3am to 5am: Lung

About The Author:

Hui Fang Lee

Hui Fang introduces companies and individuals to the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through simple and easy hands-on activities. Her focus is on living right, achieving balance, and stressing prevention over cure to achieve a life that is full of energy and free of pain.

She encourages individuals to start their self-care journey early and believes pain can be largely prevented. Having been the caregiver for her late father who passed away from cancer, she wishes to see fewer families go through the loss of loved ones due to unnecessary illnesses.

Since 2006, she has been providing self-care and wellness programs for corporate clients, seniors, and the community at large. Her credentials are:
* Diploma, Chinese Medicine Health Management Practitioner, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
* Specialist Diploma in Gerontology (Nutrition for Ageing Well), Temasek Polytechnic
* Certificate of Basic Exercise Science, Republic Polytechnic
* Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), Singapore Workforce Development Agency
* Engaging Learning, Successful Ageing (ELSA), Geragogy Innerworks, Institute for Adult Learning Singapore
* Honors in Business, Human Resource Consulting, Nanyang Technological University

Hui Fang has shared her knowledge with:
* Government Agencies: Agency for Science, Technology & Research, Singapore (A*Star), National Heritage Board (NHB), National Council of Social Services (NCSS), Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), National Parks
* Educational Institutions: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Institute of Technology, Kaplan Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, PAP Community Foundation, Rulang Primary School, Singapore Chinese Girls School
* Professional Bodies: CPA Australia, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
* Financial Institutions: DBS, Allianz, CIMB
* Associations: Singapore National Stroke Association, Down Syndrome Association (Singapore), Autism Association (Singapore)
* Clubs & Societies: Singapore Life Saving Society, Rotary Club of Singapore East.

Together with partners (www., Ouch! provides the following services:
1. Interactive TCM Wellness Workshops and Talks: Did you find the content of this eBook interesting? Want an interactive session for your company, religious group, interest group, volunteer group, or club? She would be happy to run an interactive TCM wellness talk or workshop with lots of hands-on practice on acupressure massage, guasha, qigong, and simple self-care with commonly used herbs.
2. E-courses: Want more hands-on practices at your own pace? E-courses are available at
3. Wellness Products and Services: Medical grade patch, TCM consultations, and more! Find out more on


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