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Learn About Handwriting Analysis In 30 Minutes

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Published: 1 May 2023



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Writing longhand is still very relevant today. Learn bout Handwriting Analysis in 30 Minutes provides a basic history and understanding of graphology. It states that effective handwriting analysis can accurately reveal someone’s personality and traits, goes on to briefly explain why and describe how it works, and concludes with nine handwriting samples that reveal traits about the writers of those samples. A graphologist can tell you much about yourself, your children or students, or your co-workers or employees—indeed anyone you want to get to know better—based on handwriting samples alone. Finally, the process works in reverse as well: you can make a conscious effort to eliminate personality defects by changing aspects of your handwriting.

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Handwriting is one of the skills you acquired through practice. You learned to write at a very young age, and practised in school every day. It is through this frequent repetition of how to form numbers, letters and words that your handwriting eventually became automatic. This is where the magic happens. After handwriting becomes subconscious, your own unique style forms.For the first year or two, you are practicing the standard way you’ve been taught to form words. After it becomes automatic, your subconscious mind takes over. When that happens, you will begin to form words based on your own individual character and personality, tendencies, fears, and more. This is why we refer to handwriting as brainwriting. Your hand is automatically guided by the subconscious mind in your brain, and handwriting becomes a roadmap to your entire psychological profile.

Graphology, therefore, helps you gain insight and awareness of who you are, even to what traits you have that others may recognize but you don’t. Most people go through life without having a clue about these things. Their subconscious makes them react in certain ways, and they don’t recognize the behavioural patterns. They are, in a sense, slaves to their subconscious. With no awareness of their flaws, they are unable to take any meaningful, targeted steps to fix them and improve their lives.

About The Author:

Nidhi Gupta

Ms. Nidhi Gupta is Singapore’s leading graphologist and graphotherapist, and an Authorized Mentor with Handwriting University International (HUI), USA.

Nidhi is the CEO and Founder of Write2Win ( The company has grown to more than 10 instructors in eight years and has trained hundreds of children to improve their handwriting, overcome their fears, develop and increase their confidence, and improve their grades.

Handwriting skills may be old school, but research has proven it is superior to typing in committing information to long-term memory. This should not be surprising to older generations, who learned at an early age to take handwritten notes and know that cultivating certain skills early in life helps in finding success as an adult.

Nidhi has helped hundreds of parents and educators understand the power of graphology, including how it helps to better understand children and guide them to achieving self-confidence. As an Authorized Mentor with HUI, she helps adults build self-confidence and
trains them in the study of handwriting as a career and coach.

Her offerings include workshops for parents and educators, and on-the-spot handwriting analysis at events. In the former, she shows attendees how to identify, understand, and overcome a child’s hidden fears, enabling them to alleviate many social problems. In the latter, participants are amazed to learn just how much their pen-strokes can reveal about themselves.

Nidhi works with prominent multinational companies such as Montblanc, Porsche, Bentley, and American Express. Her witty, on-the-spot handwriting analysis—unveiling a participant’s personality from his or her handwriting alone—often stuns attendees and converts them into believers of graphology.

Finally, she conducts ‘Sign Your Destiny’ workshops for business owners to help them redesign their signatures to attract more success and wealth, and ‘Empower Your Manpower’ workshops for business owners and their employees.

Nidhi is the author of six books, used by hundreds of students to help them write more aesthetically. She has been interviewed by The Straits Times, Shin Min Daily, India Se magazine, and Radio Masti 24*7 on how parents and teachers can use handwriting analysis to help their kids develop. One of her core beliefs is expressed in the quote, “Children imitate their parents and believe them, whether they speak in words or through body language. Thus, we have to give them something great to imitate.” Nidhi is happily married and the proud mother of two lovely daughters, loves to be around kids, and practises everything she preaches professionally.


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