Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Learn About Feng Shui In 30 Minutes

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Published: 1 May 2023



Short Description:

This eBook is an introduction to Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese science and art of observation, analysis, and application of energy.

The goal of Feng Shui is to organize our environment to achieve harmony and balance using universal principles or laws of nature.

Feng Shui is deeply rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy. So in addition to learning the basics of Feng Shui you get an introduction to concepts such as Yin and Yang, Qi, The Trinity of Luck, and the Five Elements. And, of course, the book wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Feng Shui history, traditions, and schools, and a few tips to help you get started.

Table of Contents:


Our living environment presents us with many types of energy: electromagnetic, geopathic, nuclear, sunlight, wave, wind, etc. Some of these energies are beneficial (sunlight) and some are harmful (geopathic).

In fact, a particular energy can sometimes be beneficial (flowing water in a river) and sometimes harmful (a river overflooding its banks and causing floods). We naturally want to tap into or magnify the beneficial energies and avoid or minimize the harmful energies.

One particular type of energy is circulating life force, termed Qi (‘Chi’) in Chinese (and very likely identical to Prana in Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine from India). Qi is the basis of Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Qi is said to be present in everything, both animate (alive) and inanimate (not alive) and comprises the complementary but opposing Yin and Yang elements (see page 10). One cannot exist without the other.

Chinese who follow the practices of Taoism believe that you can increase the flow of positive Qi in your life and decrease the flow of negative Qi by balancing Yin and Yang elements, with Feng Shui providing the principles and techniques of achieving that goal.

The energies that exist in our environment can significantly affect our Qi, both negatively and positively. This is an advanced topic that I’ll be covering in a future eBook.

About The Author:

Alex Low

Alex Low is a Feng Shui consultant of about 14 years’ experience. While he’s had a lifelong interest in Chinese metaphysics, his official study of Feng Shui began in 2005, first with a teacher in Singapore, then with a Feng Shui Grandmaster in Taiwan in 2007, and since then with teachers from several schools of Feng Shui from all around Asia. (He still returns to Taiwan every year to visit his teacher.) He began consulting in 2006.

Alex’s strength is explaining deep, metaphysical doctrines and practices in a simple, modern, scientific way, usually by going back to first principles.

Chinese metaphysics is a huge subject. It has a history of more than 5,000 years, with masters and teachers from different traditions constantly developing and refining its principles and practices.

Given this background, Alex decided that wisdom lay in learning from as many traditions as he could and resolving conflicts and putting theories and learning to the test in the time-honored way: field-work aka experimentation, especially on himself and his own home and office. He did this for three years, in the process coming up with a Feng Shui style, practice, and recommendations that are uniquely his own.

Today, Alex’s clients come from Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. He does no marketing; all referrals are word-of-mouth, a principle he adopted from his teacher in Taiwan. He does do public seminars and talks, part of another compact with his teachers which requires him, as a duty, to share the science of Chinese metaphysics in general, and Feng Shui in particular, with as many people as possible. (Hence this eBook.)

His personal clients come from all the three major ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay, and Indian) in Singapore. Corporate clients typically comprise architects, interior designers, and property developers and buyers. His biggest client is a 3,000-member group of property investors in Singapore and Malaysia for which he’s the appointed Feng Shui consultant.

Alex gives regular talks at HSBC, NTU Alumni Club, NUS Business School, Property Guru, UOB (United Overseas Bank), and Singapore Polytechnic.


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