Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Short, Authoritative, Useful eBooks

Learn About Eye Care in 30 Minutes

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Published: 15 June 2023



Short Description:

Not many people take the time to consider just how essential our eyes are to our daily lives. For the vast majority of us, they are our primary window to the world, the most important of our five sense organs. Our eyes help us see, comprehend, and make sense of what is around us and what we do.

Moreover, while we routinely visit doctors and dentists, we rarely consider seeing an ophthalmologist (eye doctor), optometrist, or optician until an eye problem in general or a vision problem in particular strikes.

Eye care—the health of our eyes and vision—is often taken for granted. The most likely reason for this is that our eyes work extremely well most of the time. However, what we usually don’t appreciate are the potential short-term and long-term consequences when something does go wrong—as it does for hundreds of millions of people of all ages all over the world, in countries rich or poor.

So it’s important to understand the basics of the eye, eye care, common eye conditions, eye examinations, and the eye specialists we can consult—all of which this eBook covers, factually, concisely, and clearly.

Table of Contents:


Why is Eye Care Important?

Getting our eyes and vision checked regularly is critical for several reasons:

  • The centrality of vision in our life: Try to imagine life without sight. For most of us, the exercise is so painful to do we avoid even considering the possibility.
  • The growing scale of the problem: Eye and vision problems have been on the rise for many years, for a number of reasons known and unknown (see page 34 for a brief discussion).
  • The relative costs of prevention and cure: There is simply no comparison between the ease and low cost of prevention, in most cases, versus the high cost of treatment and the immense drop in the quality of our life should vision impairment or loss take place.
  • That some eye conditions make us prone to other, more serious conditions: Having high myopia makes it likelier to get retinal detachment. An eye stroke can lead to vision loss.
  • The eye being a good proxy or marker for the presence of health conditions in the body: The eye is the only part of the body where we can directly see our blood vessels and nervous tissue. So a comprehensive eye examination that examines arteries, veins, and nerves can provide clues about health conditions that affect blood vessels and nervous tissue.

About The Author:

Kai Hung LEE

LEE Kai Hung has devoted 35 years to the profession of optometry in Singapore, both as a practicing optometrist as well as involvement in many voluntary activities to raise public awareness of the importance of the role of optometry in maintaining eye and vision health.

A former President of the Singapore Optometric Association (SOA), he contributed in many ways to strengthen the community outreach of the Association to benefit students and the under-privileged, harnessing his vast social network to help make optometry services more accessible to the public. In the process he earned the respect of his peers in the profession.

The latest feather in his cap was the recognition of his efforts given by the Asia Optometric Congress, which conferred on him the Asia Outstanding Optometrist Award in November 2022.

Currently director of a private optometry practice, Mr Lee continues to work hard to advance the growth of the SOA and his profession. This book is further evidence of his commitment to educating people about eye health.


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